Boats and dhow safaris


The Lamu archipelago is a boating paradise, for both motor and sail. At Kizingoni Beach we have the following boats available which you can use to explore and to enjoy.

Privately captained Yamaha 31 85HP speedboat.

Your house speedboat is available for your personal use and seats 8 passengers. It is ideal for water sports, snorkelling and trips to Lamu town and Shela, but cannot be used after dark.
Fuel is charged at $3 per litre

FR21 Bow Rider 200HP ‘Tamu’

Luxury 8 seater power boat, recommended and ideal for a fast and comfortable trip to Kiwayu (approx. one and a half hours), and the surrounding Lamu archipelago. Equipped with fishing tackle and captain. It will cost you approximately US$480 in fuel to Kiwayu.
US$100 per half day plus fuel charged at US$3 per litre

Luxury Dhow ‘Kilindini’

Hand built in Kipungani Village, this 37ft luxury dhow with teak decking is a magnificent way to explore the magical islands of the East African coastline. It is fully equipped with dining area, sun deck and cushions, outside shower, interior loo, snorkelling equipment, refrigeration boxes, cooking facilities and a sound system, along with a professional crew. It is also perfect for a luxurious sunset cruise off the beach at Kizingoni.

US$750 – Overnight trip
US$600 – Day trip
US$350 – Kinika rock trip or lunch trip
US$150 – Sunset sail

Small Dhow “Mafida”

Hand crafted locally, this 15ft dhow is ideal for exploring the inland waters surrounding Kizingoni, under sail. Your house boat captain can sail it with you, though we strongly encourage guests to take the helm and learn the ancient art of dhow sailing.
US$50 per half day