Creek and Deep Sea Fishing
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Creek Fishing

We recommend you try your hand with the traditional hand lines – they can be the most successful method of creek fishing. Your boat captain will take you through the mangrove channels and hopefully you will return with your own catch, to be cooked at your request. On calm days you can go out beyond the reef and fish for tuna, snapper, kingfish and more. Alternatively, hire either TAMU or BOB, as both are equipped with rods.

Deep-sea fishing

Lamu is renowned for its deep-sea fishing, with Kiwayu one of the top 10 sites in the world.

Rent BOB, equipped with rods and captain. Rental US$ 100 per half day, plus approx. 140 litres fuel will be used, costing US$420. Please book in advance.

Charter CHEZA from Manda Bay, a Lochin 33ft with twin 230hp new Holland Turbo Diesel Engines, or LITTLE TOOT from Peponi Hotel. Both offer a full days fishing which is anything up to 10 hours – i.e. leaving at 6.30 am and returning at 4.30 pm. You may return earlier, but if you are looking for big fish or bill fish it is not practical to go out for a half day as it takes too long to get out to the fishing. In the months when the fish are closer inshore (Nov -March) then it is possible to go out for just a half day. The captain’s recommendation will always be sought regarding weather and fishing conditions and time to depart. The crew do have a TAG & RELEASE policy for all billfish caught, however in the event of a billfish dying or being damaged, the captain will make the decision as to whether to let the fish go or not. If you are not happy with this and would like to bring the fish in, then please make this clear at the beginning of the trip. US$600 half day and US$1100 full day. Please book in advance and note that you will have to take your house speedboat to Manda Bay (approx 40 minutes) or to Peponi Hotel (approx 30 minutes).