Swimming and Snorkelling
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Swimming And Snorkelling

Snorkelling at Manda Toto

Manda Toto is a small coral island about 40 minutes from Kizingoni Beach. The boat ride there takes you through the mangrove-fringed channels. There is good snorkelling close to the island and you can fish on the way with hand lines. If you ask your cook to pack a picnic, your captain will take you to one of the deserted sandy beaches on the tiny island for your lunch. It is also possible to hire the dhow Kilindini for this day trip, or the speedboat Tamu. Fuel approx $150 (House speedboat)

Snorkelling and Dolphin swimming at Kinika Island

The coral island of Kinika is just half an hour from Kizingoni Beach in the open sea and has excellent coral heads. If the sea is rough the trip should be postponed until a calmer day. Although you can do this with your boat and captain, we also recommend you go with Louis from Kizingo, next door to Kizingoni Beach. Louis has befriended two schools of dolphins and there is a good chance you will be able to swim with them (seasonal). The Kizingo boat leaves at 9am and you need to book in advance with the Kizingo manager, as availability is limited. Kizingo fee Ksh4,500 per person. Please pay direct.

Snorkelling at Kiwayu Island

Kiwayu is a small island in the Northern part of the Lamu Archipelago, situated in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The primary economic activity in the area is fishing. The main attractions for tourists in Kiwayu are the tidal pools, snorkelling in the coral gardens and the long white beaches.

To get to Kiwayu from Lamu, you can take our private dhow, Kilindini (2 day safari) or your house boat (2.5+ hour trip each way). The two speedboats Tamu and Bob can be hired for a day trip to the island, taking approx 2 hours each way. KWS fees US$15 non-resident. Fuel US$360 on house speedboat and US$480 on Tamu

Swim the Channel

Swimming the channel has become a regular event for many Kizingoni householders and guests. It takes about 30 minutes one way, depending on how strong a swimmer you are, BUT has to be done just as the tide is turning. Otherwise you risk being swept out to sea, as currents are strong.

It is possible to swim both ways, although most of our visitors are happy to be collected by their boat once their feet touch the mainland…

Your boat and your captain will accompany you, on rescue duty. Don’t forget to take a pool towel and some WATER for the arrival celebration. Please do not attempt this on your own!

NB: This is strictly at your own risk. There are large fish, occasional jellyfish and a few sea urchins out there. KBM takes no responsibility for any incident or accident.