Pristine Beaches Lamu Island

Kizingoni Beach

Kizingoni Beach stretches across 24 acres of golden beachfront, close to the southernmost tip of Lamu Island. There are not many stretches of beach like this left in the world. It offers seclusion, cooling winds, fresh water and clean seas, yet the delights and supplies of Lamu and Shela are a twenty-minute boat ride away.

The property is covered with established coconuts and doum palms with some indigenous woodland. We have planted hundreds more coconuts, indigenous trees and tropical shrubs, plus an experimental orchard and covered vegetable garden. There is clean water from shallow wells and plenty of wind and sun to run the windmills and solar panels that provide power and hot water.

The beach starts with us, but curves around the tip of the island and stretches a further 12 golden miles to Shela Village. It is virtually empty, apart from myriad crabs, migrant and local sea birds, shells and the occasional donkey troop.

Our local village of Kipungani is a friendly and unspoilt fishing hamlet. From there we receive coconut palm products for building, including the makuti thatch for our roofs, makeka for the paths and all our woven carpets. It is also our main supply of staff, fish, dhows and donkeys. Kizingoni Beach provides employment, trade and funding for community initiatives. Many local events such as weddings and festivals are celebrated together.

There is plenty to do at Kizingoni Beach, for those looking for an active holiday the swimming, snorkelling and walking is excellent. Various water sports equipment is available including: water skis, wake boards, a Lazor, Optimists, kayaks, and SUP boards. Creek fishing and deep sea fishing can be arranged, plus there is an opportunity for a small safari on the mainland.

Kizingoni Beach Fact Sheet


There are three daily scheduled flights between Nairobi and Lamu. The flight takes between 1hr 40mins and 2 hrs, depending on the aircraft used. Mamood, our meet and greet man will meet you at Manda Airport, help you collect your luggage and load it into the Kizingoni Beach trolley. He will then trundle you down towards the Manda airport jetty and your private speedboat. You will see Lamu town straight ahead of you, with Shela village off to the left. Kizingoni Beach is a twenty minute boat trip through the mangrove fringed channel. Your house staff will be on the beach to welcome you and escort you to your accommodation.

Air Kenya : Depart Nbi Wilson Airport: 2pm
SafariLink : Depart Nbi Wilson Airport: 1.45pm
Fly540 : Depart Nbi JKIA Airport: 10.40am (Mo-Sa), 12.45am (Su)


Kizingoni Beach is on good terms with its neighbours and has a loyal staff, so security has never been an issue. However, each house has a safe for valuables, which we recommend you use. We also have a team of Samburu patrolling the property, day and night.


Lamu Island has no roads and the alleys in town are too narrow for cars. Therefore there are very few vehicles on Lamu. Transport is by dhow, boat, donkey and foot.
Each Kizingoni Beach house has its own privately captained Yamaha 31 canoe with an 85Hp engine. Perfect for day trips and water-sports, house speedboats are charged for the fuel used at US$3* per litre.


Mobile phone coverage is good, for both Airtel and Safaricom. Wifi internet is available in all accommodation allowing email access and limited web access.


Solar panels and a windmill are connected via an inverter to a bank of batteries. This is the power supply for the house. It is reliable, but limited, so we would be very grateful if you could be careful with the power and not leave anything running unnecessarily, such as fans, lights, music and computers. There is a back up generator if required, but it can be noisy. Please note that it is not possible to use heating elements such as hairdriers or hair tongs.


Clean water for all domestic use and for drinking is drawn from wells on the property. It is boiled for drinking and placed in the fridges. Bottled water is also available.

Weather and Seasons

The two monsoons “Kaskazi” from the North East and “Kusi” from the South East determine the Lamu weather: the Kusi blows from May through to November bring rain in May and June. The Kaz Kazi, a more gentle, warm wind arrives late November through to Easter. For ten months of the year Kizingoni Beach enjoys spectacular sunshine. However, we do not shut in May and June as the storms pass and there are still many sunny days with huge skies and wild winds. It is our low season and very popular with guests looking for an empty beach.

Medical and Insurance

The constant cool breezes at Kizingoni Beach insure that there are few mosquitoes, but we advise all guests to take anti-malarial medication on their doctors recommendation.

We recommend all guests acquire temporary membership of the Flying Doctor Service on top of their normal travel insurance.

Credit cards

Bookings must be paid for by bank transfer, however Mastercard and Visa are accepted for final expense payment.